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Mini Dental Implants (Minimally Invasive Dental Implants) – Springfield, MA

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As a proud partner of Mini Dental Implant Centers of America, People’s Dental in Springfield, MA is proud to offer mini dental implants. At about half the diameter, mini implants were designed to benefit patients whose jaw cannot support traditional implants. While many patients will need to undergo bone regeneration or obtain a bone graft to be candidates for traditional dental implants, this is not always an option. Mini implants are also a great option for a patient that needs to replace a small anterior tooth. The procedure for mini implants is less extensive and less invasive than traditional implant placement, which can require several months of healing time. Schedule a consultation with a member of our board-certified dental team to learn more about this innovative option for tooth replacement.

Best Candidates

While patients must have sufficient bone density or be willing to undergo bone regeneration to be considered candidates for traditional dental implants, this is not the case for mini implants. Due to the smaller diameter and overall size of mini dental implants, even patients with jaw bone loss are eligible for the procedure. To learn whether you are truly a candidate for mini implants, schedule a consultation at People’s Dental in Springfield, MA. Ideal candidates for mini dental implants are:

  • Longtime denture wearers

  • Patients seeking a fast solution

  • Individuals in good overall health

What to Expect

The mini dental implant procedure is performed in the People's Dental’s office using local anesthesia. More sedation options are available upon request should you prefer a deeper state of relaxation. Using advanced diagnostic imaging, a member of the People’s Dental team will determine the best possible position for your implant placement before beginning the procedure. Next, using a precise, controlled, minimally invasive technique, your implants are placed into your jawbone. The heads of the implants will protrude from your gumline to provide a strong foundation for securing your restoration.


Any discomfort from the implant procedure will usually subside within 48 hours. Many patients are able to eat within a couple of hours following the procedure. Your restoration will feel very secure and there will be no sutures to care for. Be careful to avoid very hard or sticky foods at first as these could cause discomfort. To care for you restorations, you should remove the denture, rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash, and clean around the implant with a cotton swab and toothpaste for the first few days. Afterward, you can return to your standard dental hygiene routine as recommended by your People’s Dental team member.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurers do not cover the full cost of mini dental implants. However, since they are smaller and the procedure is quicker and less invasive than the alternative, mini implants are more cost-effective. On average, they are about 1/3 the cost of traditional dental implants. It’s important to recognize the long-term benefits that mini dental implants can provide versus focusing solely on the cost of the procedure. People’s Dental will work with your insurance provider to determine how much of your procedure will be covered. We can then estimate your out-of-pocket costs, helping you to arrange low-cost medical financing if applicable.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a wonderful option for those who would like a fast, natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth that's beautiful and easy to obtain. If you have been told that you are not a candidate for traditional dental implants, contact People's Dental in Springfield, MA to schedule your mini dental implant consultation today. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. 

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