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Our People's Dental team is proud to offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family with both pediatric and geriatric oral health treatments.

Attending regularly scheduled dental examinations at People's Dental can prevent future oral health issues through early detection and treatment.

The use of digital x-rays, as part of each examination at People's Dental, allows our team a clear, comprehensive overview of your oral health.

Undergoing dental cleanings twice annually can help you prevent potential oral health issues and help you keep your smile both healthy and beautiful.

Fluoride dental treatments have been found to strengthen the teeth and bone, resulting in significantly fewer cavities and less tooth decay overall.

Dental sealants can shield and guard the teeth, preventing bacteria and plaque buildup and protecting the teeth from possible oral decay and cavities.

People's Dental provides and highly recommends the use of custom-made mouth guards to protect your teeth from trauma during high-impact activities.

Customized dental appliances, also called mouth guards, have proven to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism and teeth grinding, as well as TMJ disorders.

A broken or worn down tooth that is still healthy can often be preserved with a dental crown, which People's Dental is skilled in providing.

The People's Dental team recommends partial or full dentures for those with multiple missing teeth for functionality and to prevent future bone loss.

Dental implants are surgically installed, permanent teeth which provide gorgeous, lasting results for individuals who have one or more missing tooth.

You can receive a fully restored smile through dental implants with All-on-4 restorations, which secure dentures with four surgically installed posts.

Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth and help to prevent bone loss while using your existing teeth to support the new restoration.

People's Dental offers an expansive variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you obtain the healthy, bright, white smile that you desire.

Our dental team can create a customized treatment plan for a full smile makeover, combining procedures to help you achieve a gorgeous, new smile.

Composite fillings can help to strengthen and repair a tooth afflicted by decay while blending nicely with the surrounding teeth and their color.

The process of bonding and contouring allows a patient to reshape their existing teeth for a more appealing smile without relying on dental implants.

At People's Dental, we proudly offer porcelain dental veneers for a minimally invasive smile repair or to improve the aesthetic of your smile overall.

This type of dental restoration can be made of a variety of materials and used to repair and/or salvage a tooth or teeth damaged by decay or trauma.

People's Dental proudly offers personalized mouth trays and prescription-strength whitening gels for convenient, in-home teeth whitening treatments.

Invisalign teeth aligners offer a discreet but efficient way to straighten and align your teeth without relying on the use of traditional braces.

Peridontal disease can cause a number of serious side effects, which is why we offer comprehensive and diligent care for each stage of the disease.

Scaling and root planing, a standard treatment for periodontal gum disease, helps to deeply clean the teeth, removing plaque from beneath the gumline.

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve a number of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to restore function, appearance, and health to your mouth.

Should you find yourself in the midst of a dental emergency, People's Dental can provide timely, after-hours emergency dental care appointments.

Root canal therapy can quite often salvage an infected tooth to relieve pain, restore functionality, and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

At times, a tooth is beyond saving and may need to be removed. People's Dental offers wisdom teeth removal as well as extraction of infected teeth.

At People's Dental, we understand that accidents happen and offer urgent and emergency dental care for injuries that cause damage to your teeth.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can cause pain and anxiety when your jaw becomes locked unexpectedly, but our practice offers a simple solution.

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